Investment Purchase

The Kyiv rental market offers a high rate of return of up to 12% per annum on investments. This attracts many investors to buy property here and rent it out. If you also want to buy an apartment in the center of Kiev and gain rental income, All Star Kyiv Realty knows how to help you.


The safest type of investment is to buy an apartment with existing tenants. Thus, you begin to receive income from the first day after purchase.



And to obtain the highest profitability, we offer a comprehensive service for the purchase of an investment turnkey apartment. Our realtors meet with potential tenants every day, so we, like no one else, know which apartments are in demand for rent and will recommend you only the best options.


The whole process consists of several stages:

- We search for an attractive apartment

The location, style, hight, elevator, ceiling height, balconies, state of the front door, purchase price, how much money needs to be invested in repairs, future rental price, and other details are taken into account.


- We check the apartment 

At this stage, we check the title documents and the history of the apartment. This is especially important when buying an apartment in a historic building where there is a chain of previous owners.


- Purchase of an apartment

It is important to organize the well-coordinated work of the bank and the notary for the transaction to go smoothly. We prepare all the necessary documents, help to choose a bank, and plan a transaction. This is especially important for foreign buyers who pay for the purchase of an apartment with money transferred from abroad. The banking system in Ukraine is distinguished by strict currency control, so everything must be done correctly so that the payment does not wire back or stuck along the way. The most important for the buyer is the guarantee of obtaining title to the real property after the money has been sent. Also, it is important to buy an apartment correctly so that later you can sell it and send money from the sale from Ukraine. Often mistakes when buying an apartment cause difficulties when selling it.


- Repairs

We recommend starting any renovation with the creation of a professional design. Experience has shown that interiors created by professional designer differ greatly from self-made ones. Such apartments are always rented out faster and make a better profit. An investment in a designer pays off really well.

We will advise you on the most popular design styles. At the same time, we will take into account your personal preferences, since any apartment is a reflection of the owner’s soul. We will give recommendations on the materials to be used, at their price, and how good they are in use. For example, a certain type of parquet flooring can look amazing in a catalog or a showroom, but it will be very difficult to take proper care of it in real life.


We work with reliable construction companies and guarantee the quality of the work performed, the reasonable cost, and the timely completion of the repair.


- tenant search

At the stage of finding a tenant, All Star Kyiv Realty has no equal. Our database contains all the embassies of Kyiv and most of the regional offices of international corporations. We work with different budgets from 1000 dollars per month for a 2 room apartment in the center, and up to 50,000 dollars and more per month, for example, for renting a building. Long-term contracts for 1-3 years are signed with reliable tenants, which ensure stable rental payments and a responsible attitude to the property.



- management

The apartment management service will be especially useful for you if you live abroad. We will deal with all current issues related to the tenant's settlement, bills, the purchase of furniture or other items, maintenance, setting up the Internet, rental payments, and other tasks associated with living.


For more details about the service "Property Managment", you can find HERE.


Contact us if you want to discuss the purchase of an apartment for investment, or any of the proposed stages separately:

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